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Native Application Development

Mobile application development is one of the most prominent fields of software developments in the computing industry. We have focused on making the technology faster for a few decades. Now,the focus lies on making the technology compact and portable. Mobile applications allow you to contact remote servers and computers using the Internet efficiently.

The reasons why mobile applications are the future include

  • Never-ending release of newer, smarter and energy efficient smartphones,
  • Creation of virtual assistants like Siri and Google Now,
  • People possess one or more smartphones for daily usage,
  • Launch of more energy efficient power banks,
  • The launch of mobile control devices.

At eBestow, we aim to help you in developing a smart native mobile application by implementing the following steps in the development process,

  • Mobile Application Market Research
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Launch
  • Mobile Application Marketing
  • Mobile Application Support and Service

iOS Application Development

iOS is one of the largest application markets in existence. The iOS store or the Apple App Store already contains millions of applications and is constantly accepting more applications daily.

The Swift based iOS application development helps in launching applications that are supported by a variety of Apple devices including the iPad, iPod, iPhone as well as MAC OS. eBestow is the reliable source for developing high-quality iOS applications.At eBestow, we aim to increase the efficiency of application development by providing end to end user support by advancing the use of feedback loops.

Android Application Development

Android application development market currently contains several application developers with mediocre developing talents.At eBestow, we aim to provide an application that stands out amongst its competition by providing aesthetically appealing graphics and intuitive user interface.

The vast experience of the technical team at eBestow allows it to function coherently to produce an application that provides real value to the users.

Backend Mobile Solutions for Mobile Application Development

The efficiency of backend mobile applications helps in optimization of the entire user experience.

The major benefits of strong backend support include,

  • Cost efficiency,
  • Time efficiency,
  • Consistency in performance.

Technical experts at eBestow have expertise in optimization techniques that allow smooth running of the mobile application.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the support staff at eBestow to get in touch with the world’s best application developers.

Hybrid Application Development

BLooking for a robust mobile app that fits your Hybrid application requirement? eBestow is a professional mobile app development company, committed to delivering end-to-end solutions to aglobal clientele. We possess the competence to bring together HTML5 development with advanced mobile frameworks such as Ionic, Framework7 and PhoneGap, to build advanced apps that look exactly like native apps on the major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows.

Hybrid apps are hosted within native applications utilizing the latter WebView profile. As a result, there is no major difference or lag in experience. We develop custom plug-ins for hybrid mobile applications as per client’s request.

Why Should You Opt for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

  • Built with advanced CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Uses open source technologies such as PhoneGap
  • Easy to download and deploy
  • Multi/cross platform with single codebase
  • Highly interactive platform
  • Extraordinary user interface such as web app
  • Faster development
  • Improved access to device features

Important Technologies

  • PhoneGap: Apache Cordova launched PhoneGap to facilitate mobile app development. This simple developer app can turn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into an app in a few minutes.
  • Ionic:Ionic is a popular front-end SDK used to build cross-platform mobile apps. Ionic is built on Angular. It provides an innovative platform to integrate services like analytics and push notifications.
  • Telerik: Telerik is a dedicatedmobile app development platform. It is mainly used for creating native and hybrid apps with JavaScript.
  • Framework7: It is an open source HTML framework used for free to develop hybrid mobile apps and web apps. It gives the native look and feel of Android and iOS.
  • Onsen UI: A custom element oriented HTML5 framework offers an amazing selection of development components along with a responsive layout. Furthermore, it also allows you to create multiplatform apps.

How Does eBestow Add Value to Your App Development?

  • Client Engagement: We engage our clients to get a fair deal of information about their business plan and clarity of their goals. As a result, we can serve them better.
  • Design:We plan and design solution architecture as per client’s requirements and goals.
  • Development: We develop design solutions as per the design plan.
  • Testing: Every design goes through strict testing and quality checks.
  • Implementation: We would implement the final solution to the cloud or private infrastructure as per choice.
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