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Web Application Development

Ebestow is a leading web application development company specializing in innovative design and development methods. We develop highly customized web applications for business to give them a better platform to present their skills to the worlds.

We have worked with various industries and domains including banking, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, and finance. We aim to deliver the best.

Our Services

  • Custom Web Application Development: Custom-tailored websites reflecting the exact business requirements of clients is our greatest virtue. We create dynamic custom web application development packages for our clients and provide cost-effective solutions to ensure greater profitability.
  • Mobile-Friendly Website Development: Portable devices are the common mode of staying connected. Our expert web designers can create mobile-friendly website design and development plans to reach out to a larger customer base across different platforms – PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
  • Cloud Development: Cloud is the ideal storage unit for web users. Cloud development allows businesses to use resources such as storage and networking to scale up faster with the rising number of users. Our web professionals are experts in designing and developing complex cloud-based solutions for guaranteed performance.

If you are looking for specialized and professional web application development services, Ebestow is the ultimate solution provider. We are a highly professional and skilled team of web application development experts possessing the knack to adapt to the latest and most advanced methodologies to improve your business. With a widespread network of clients across the globe, we believe that there is no end to the web development business. Join hands with the leaders!

Front-end Development

Brilliant Front-end Development Services and user-friendly interfaces based on the latest technologies and industry trends – Ebestow!

We have a highly efficient team of front-end development service providers dealing with how and where your website users interact. Using the most advanced technologies, we bring your business logic from its server level to the browser level, thus making it simpler and easier to develop web applications and offer real-time experience.

Ebestow deploys the latest front-end technologies and frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS. Regardless of the screen size, we ensure that your website looks stunning. We build flexible and scalable web-based apps and mobile apps combining cutting-edge technologies with thebest workflow and content management.

Our Front-end Development Technologies

  • HTML5: We use HTML5 to structure and present content on websites – W3C, Search Engine Optimization, HTML5 Web APIs, Graphics with Canvas & SVG, and Latest HTML5 Frameworks
  • CSS3: We describe the look of websites and format using CSS3 – animations, 2D/3D transformation, adoptive/responsive design, Bootstrap, Foundation
  • JavaScript: We create interactive webpages using dynamic JavaScript components – Object Oriented JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, DOM Interaction, Latest JS Frameworks
  • Single Page Applications: As users interact with an app, the page content would be updated – AngularJS, BackboneJS, EmberJS
  • Rest API: We build APIs to suit any technology based on Ajax, JSON/XML, Node.JS, Express.JS
  • CMS Integration: We use Liferay, Drupal, SiteCore, SDL Tridion, Magento to deliver unique CS experience
  • Performance: We use Node.JS, NPM, Yarn, and Webpage optimization techniques to optimize the performance of web applications with reduced load time

Our Front-end Development Work Process

  • Meet & Engage: We meet and engage our prospect business clients to get clarity of their business goals and aspirations.
  • Planning:We plan and design the layout of their web business using the latest tools and methodologies.
  • Develop: We develop highly interactive and dynamic websites and mobile apps.
  • Testing: Our websites and apps go through rigorous testing to eliminate therisk of errors and glitches.
  • Deploy: Finally, we deploy websites and apps for better reach and execution.

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Quality Assurance – Application Development

At eBestow we aim at providing high-quality assurance standards and timely delivery to ensure that you can launch your application with all the necessary features at the appropriate time.

Importance of Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important step in application development that allows you to solve bugs and make room for further updates and improvements. With the quality assurance factor tuned into the software of application development process, you can easily modify the existing source code of an application to add more functionality to the application.

Assessing the Competition

By performing market research and analysis, the team of application developers at eBestow keep track of all the updates of competitive applications. We borrow useful functionality from competitive applications and integrate tons of original ideasto can help you create applications that provide real value to the customers.

Automated Testing

The provision of automated testing also allows you to create efficient feedback loops between the developers and consumers. With the feedback loops in place, you can launch demographically targeted updates that tackle the bugs and provide scope for increased functionality.

Focus Group Testing (Beta Testing)

The addition of a beta testing phase allows the developer team to assess the application in real-life environments. Thiswill, in turn, allow you to solve bugs, create quick start user guides, and information panels within the application. By theaddition of an intuitive interface, you can increase the likeability of your application multiple folds.

The team of professionals at eBestow guarantee high-quality assurance check standards for application development and launch process.

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