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Enterprise Portal

Teamwork is the primary quality required of the members of a company for it to achieve success. Without teamwork and collaboration, the company can easily fall apart resulting in huge financial losses over time. While teamwork is built by the effective collaboration of all the team members, some technical methods like creating an enterprise portal can help build it up too.

At eBestow, we aim to create customized portals for your company to ensure that it achieves the necessary teamwork levels over a short period. The benefits of creating enterprise portals with eBestow include,


With a transparent network created by the enterprise portal, it is easy for the company’s employees to communicate with each other.

Easy Sharing of Information

At eBestow, we design an enterprise portal tailored to the company’s needs. Hence, the portal allows easy sharing of memos, content as well as notices over a singular network easily.

Easy Documentation and Process Management

With the use of efficient document sharing technologies, we provide a decluttered and simple login interface that allows each employee to access the company’s notice board/mainframe. The easy sharing of work and progress updates allow each employee to stay updated with the company’s daily progress.

Effective CMS

An enterprise portal allows modification based on effective channelization of the CMS (Content Management System) power of the company. This allows flexibility for the company’s employees to modify, add, or delete content according to their status in the company and their respective roles.

Effective Franchise Management

While managing company outlets and branches, an enterprise solution allows communication between the different outlets to keep track of the company’s progress in a particular location.

Easy Backup and Recovery Services

Since we allow storage of all the important data at a single cloud-based or remote location, all your data is safe and available for recovery in times of crisis.

Professional Portal Technology – Liferay Portal

A great example of how a portal technology is used to transform your entire enterprise is the Liferay Portal. The main aim of the Liferay portal is to bring great customer service, web experience, as well as a mobile experience to your digital workplace environment. The Liferay portal is constructed on the world’s most trusted open source portal to guarantee the data safety to its users and create an intuitive user interface.

Enterprise Content Management

Rightly chosen and implemented Enterprise Content Management helps you capture, strategize, store, manage and deliver content to different user groups associated with the organization. With the help of Content Management Systems, it is easy to add, delete, preserve as well as modify the content in different forms with ease.

With the increasing quantum of content that an organization needs from time to time, it is essential to have a robust and secured CMS in place to manage huge data efficiently. At the same time, it is important to have a user-friendly interface as well.

Popular Enterprise Content Management Systems

The choice of a CMS solution depends on the size of the content to manage, security aspects, features and most important – on cost. If cost is a primary factor, choosing opensource CMS is recommended. Some popular CMS choices include:

  • SharePoint
  • FileNet
  • Alfresco
  • Magnolia
  • Drupal

Why is Enterprise Content Management Necessary?

The Enterprise content management simplifies the entire process of uploading details for new products/services on your website page without the need for any technical expertise. However, this is only possible in the case where your content management system is coherently designed by inculcating all the necessary tools for uploading and downloading the content. Adopting a simple interface allows you to manage the content with ease and integrate it swiftly when needed.

For example, the use of Alfresco Content Management System, which is an open source JAVA CMS, allows you to access compatible files over various OS like Windows and Linux. The end-to-end CMS provided by Alfresco is used to increase the efficiency of the organization by adopting reliable file management systems. It also incorporates a mobile and cloud-based network that allows you to make changes to the website content on the go without the need of a laptop/computer.

Why eBestow?

At eBestow, we aim to simplify content management for you. Our proficient experts suggest you tointegrate your website’s content with your core requirement. We provide you a system that is customized according to your company’s needs and products to reflect the company’s image in the content display.

At eBestow, you reap the benefits of adopting an intuitive user interface for the company’s content management. With this intuitive platform, you can simplify varied tasks and increase the overall efficiency of the company.

You can rely on eBestow to create an optimized workflow environment for your website to increase the functionality and provide real value to the website’s audience with quality Enterprise Content Management Solutions.

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